How to Apply for an Italian Visa in Kenya

How to Apply for an Italian Visa in KenyaBefore anyone swallows me up with why are you favouring Rome and writing about the visa application process and not other European countries, let me defend myself as thus; First, It was hard to mine information on the Italian visa application for Kenyans. Both my mind and body were super tired and I kept confusing the mission visa with the employment visa.

Secondly, unlike previous European countries I had been to where visas are processed at the Embassy, Italy and a bunch of other countres have sublet the processing to another agency named VFS global which is hukooo One West building after Parklands police Station.

Update: They VFS have moved offices to 5th floor, Park Field Building, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way Opposite Safaricom House,Westlands, Nairobi.

So let’s begin the process. I might as well number them for ease of following the conversation.

Steps in applying for an Italian visa in Kenya

  1. Go to . This portal has all you need in reference to your visa application.
  2. Still lost? Okay click on the tab Contact from which you can access the number to call that is   254 731 077 555. You might encounter a few unanswered calls which by the way are all  explaining your need in regards to the visa and if possible, schedule an appointment.
  3. If this option does not work, visit the Office premises located 5th floor, Park Field Building, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way, Opposite Safaricom House,Westlands, Nairobi. Please bear in mind that the working hours are between  0800-1500 hours except on all Kenyan National holidays and the Italian ones specifically Liberation Day (25 April) and national day (2nd June)
  4. If you garnered enough information regarding your visa application, be sure which visa type you are looking or. There are 13 Visa types to Rome listed as mission, business, religious, adoption, re-entry, family, employment, medical treatment, transit, Tourist, invitation, study, sports competition. If you click on each link, it leads you to a specific page where you will find all the necessary requirements for each visa i.e the visa fees, the photo specifications, the required documents, the processing time and the link to download the form.
  5. Just to save on your money, take the photos at VFS. There is a lady with a Nikon D3000 and she seems to do the job to their satisfaction. This will cost you Kshs. 500 for four colored photographs.
  6. If you have been to any Schengen countries before, make copies of the visas too. If you are too lazy for that, the same lady will assist with the photocopy at a cost of Ksh. 5  per page.
  7. Thou shall not go to VFS without the following;
    • Application form duly completed and signed by applicant (by parent / guardian in case of minor) and phone number.
    • Passport (or other travel document recognized by the Italian Government ) valid for minimum three months after expiry of requested visa, containing at least 2 empty pages(back to back) and validity not exceeding 10 year.
    • Two recent full face color photos, passport size (45 mm x 35 mm), taken against a light background.
    • Previous passport in original if any .
    • Kenyan I.D.
    • For other nationalities, Kenyan resident permit or re-entry stamp in passport valid minimum 3 months after expiry of the visa
    • Invitation letter from an eligible and well known Italian public/private Institution/Organization stating purpose and duration of the mission.
    • Covering letter from the local Organization stating the professional status of the applicant and purpose of the mission.
    • Travel/Health Medical Insurance, valid for all Schengen Countries, for the entire period of staying and a minimum coverage of EUROS 30,000
    • Flight booking.
  8. Note that you are obliged to submit your visa on a minimum of 20 calendar days before your  scheduled departure date.
  9. Some visa types will call for biometric data collection. The VFS employees serving you will advise further.
  10. Go home and wait for the information regarding your visa application. Note that Passport submission timings are 08:00-15:00 while Passport Collection Timings are 11:00-15:30, Monday-Friday.

Any detailed information can be found on the VFS Italy Visa Portal or by writing to them on .

Best of luck in your application.

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