17 Must Read Agricultural Articles for the Weekend

17 Must Read Agricultural Articles for the Weekend

Kenya’s smart greenhouse allows farmers to control temperature and soil moisture via their phones. An invention by two Kenyan Students. (The Guardian)

Kenyan regulator decide this month on fate of GMO crops ahead of the March planting season in Kenya (The East African)

#LovePulses ? Here are 10 Ways to Celebrate the International Year of Pulses (The Food Tank)

Why Millions will go hungry in 2016  as Elnino peaks in March 2016 (WEF)

As we usher 2016 the International Year of Pulses what is The Food Wastage Footprint of Pulses?  (FAO)

Youth Are the Future of Agriculture: A Conversation with Caroline Bailey and Cheryl Turner (AgriLinks)

When Social media comes to the rescue. Read how Moses Gakuru auctioned his seedlings to get out of hospital (Business Daily)

Do we really Need a New Green Revolution? Philip and Alan think we do (New York Times)

How Food Obsessed Millenials are shaping the future of food. Are millenials really obsessed with food? Eve Paul certainly  thinks so. (The Plate NatGeo)

An indoor agriculture startup is bringing “local farming ” to every corner on the US. Lindsey Kratochwil discusses the potential of indoor agriculture on local food production (The Guardian)

A HomeBiogas product is converting converting left over foods into cooking biogas for poor communities. But how viable is it in developing countries? ( Huffington post)

How do you make cash from a  “Flying Handkerchief” ? Kizito Makoye discusses how farmers are saving a rare forest through butterfly farming. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Will Turning Your Fridge Into a Tablet Computer Reduce Food Waste? Willy Blackmore  discusses more on the Samsung’s new Internet-connected refrigerator and others like it have promising (and mockable) features. (Take part)

GMOs are unwelcome in Africa. But with the changing climate, MacDonald Dzirutwe discusses how Africa is taking a fresh look at GMOs as drought blights the continent. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Agriculture Photography. Catherine Chapman explains in details (The Creators Project)

The world’s 3.5bn young people are the key to change – let’s not shut them out. (The Guardian)

This App Can Tell You What’s In Your Food Just By Scanning It. It’s like ‘Star Trek,’ but, you know, for real. (MTV News)

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